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Under Floor Heating

Under floor heating is becoming a more and more popular choice for homes of all shapes and sizes up and down the country – and it's not difficult to understand why! As some of the most experienced commercial plumbers London has for hire, our team have spent years brushing up on the most efficient and cost-effective ways for customers to heat up their homes – and under floor systems are by far some of the most beneficial in terms of long-term savings and heating efficiency.

Under floor heating is controlled via manifold which can be connected via your existing boiler or via electricity supply – and its main benefits lie in that its heat will always directly radiate from beneath your feet! Traditional heating and radiator systems can take some time to fill rooms with warmth providing draughts are covered – but as under floor heating's warmth is direct and instantaneous, it's arguably one of the best systems for making sure that your home is heated quickly and effectively. It's a system that really pays for itself in the long run, too – as you'll spend less time powering under floor heating than you would be expected to with traditional radiation, meaning it's less energy consumed and less heat lost. Financially, it makes perfect sense!

As commercial plumbers London families can call upon for help, advice and service provision, we are always only too happy to introduce the brilliance of under floor heating services to our customers. For more information on how you can turn your home into an energy saving powerhouse, call us today without obligation on 07932 799 006, or email us with details on your query via web form. Whether you're installing an entirely new under floor heating system or are interested in converting your current heating network, we will be on hand to install and support – whenever you may need us.

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