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Think that once you've switched your boiler on, you'll have no further control over your heating? Think again. Unlike heating systems of old, more and more central heating provisions can now be activated and controlled through remote devices, or Smart Stats – and as some of the most experienced commercial plumbers London has to offer, our team have ensured that they always keep up to date on the latest innovations and movements in efficient heating supply and control. Smart Stats, we believe, really are the future of heating control – in fact, they're very much alive and kicking in the present!

Smart Stats are centralised hubs which can allow you to control your heating with just a few button touches, with accessible controls and interfaces to ensure that anyone can keep their home warm and comfortable without the need for hassle. A Smart Stat will not only keep you updated on the temperature of your home and various rooms, but will even allow you to activate, time or adjust your heating without the need to go out of your way – while thermostats of the past have given us control over our heating remotely, Smart Stats give us even more control – you can adjust the heating levels of various rooms, adjust heating schedules and can control your heating via certain smartphone applications – it's all about providing complete control to you, and making sure that you're free from having to negotiate the intricacies of your boiler or heating network!

For more information on how Smart Stats can help revolutionise the way in which you control and monitor the heating of your home, call us today on 07932 799 006 or email us without obligation via our web form. While many commercial plumbers London and beyond may offer efficient, easily-controlled services, we pride ourselves on ensuring that our Smart Stats are fully explained and demonstrated to each and every customer – why not give one a try with your current heating system before winter sets in?

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